Teen Drivers Beware….

Today, July 1, 2013, New York State enacted one of the toughest new driving laws in the country.  The law creates new harsh penalties for young drivers who are caught texting while driving or using a cell phone while driving.

The new law states that drivers with probationary and junior licenses who get stopped for texting-while-driving and using a hand-held cell phone now face a staggering 60-day license suspension for first convictions and revocations of 60 days for junior licenses, or 6 months for probationary licenses if you have another conviction within 6 months of getting your license back after a suspension or revocation.

Also, as of June 1, 2013, DMV increased the number of points earned against an individual’s driving record upon conviction for texting-while-driving and cell-phone related infractions  to five points.

The new law increases these penalties because traffic crashes are the leading cause of death and injury for teens.  And, anecdotal evidence indicates that texting while driving is becoming more common among these teenage drivers.

The bottom line here, folks, is that you should not text and use a cell phone while driving.  But if you happen to get caught, hire an attorney.  Do not try to handle your traffic ticket on your own because the the penalties are simply too severe.  Get an experienced attorney to take care of the ticket.


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