New Jobs Program from People Coming Home from Prison

Today, Governor Cuomo announced “Work for Success,” a new program designed for people coming home from prison to get jobs.

This may be an essential program because the biggest hurdle we face is getting people employed once they get out of prison.  We need programs like this to let people know that we are not turning our backs on them.

Once you do your time, come home and be productive!

The Works for Success program will:

  • Evaluate the employment programs that currently exist for the formerly incarcerated and carry out evidence-based, action-oriented research to identify which strategies work best,
  • Promote building relevant job readiness skills throughout correctional programming,
  • Align vocational skills programs with specific credentialing pathways and employment opportunities in the New York labor market
  • Help to effectively connect New Yorkers returning from prison with appropriate employment services, and
  • Build the capacity of local community organizations to address the unique needs of people with criminal convictions

Here is a link to the press release:




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